N-type or P-type Cells: What technology to choose

Oct 30, 2023

Choosing the PV modules affordable for your installation needs to consider power output, efficiency, and aesthetics, but the inner layer of the cells with N-type or P-type is a significant factor impacting the product’s general performance.

Indeed, a select photovoltaic (PV) module featuring a P-type solar cell or an N-type solar cell can make a difference in the performance and lifespan of the module.

P-type and N-type solar panels: what to choose

Most P-type and N-type solar cells are the same, with slight and very subtle manufacturing differences for N-type and P-type solar panels.  The essential aspect of the difference between P-type and N-type solar panels is the doping used for the bulk region and the emitter. 

P-type solar panels have a high resistance to radiation and degradation. This conclusion came from the 1950s when in space photovoltaic application technology applied boron. The solar industry kept the momentum going, using this well-researched technology by lowering prices to produce better P-type solar panels for terrestrial applications. 

Even though many manufacturers usually apply boron for doping P-type solar panels, it can cause a boron-oxygen defect and lead to a performance decrease.

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