Laser Scriber


This is used for scribing or cutting the solar cells and silicon wafers in solar PV industry, including the mono crystalline silicon and poly crystalline silicon solar cells and silicon wafer.

Layup Station


Tempered glass, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), Solar cell string and back sheet layer materials are placed together on this station. EVA is transparent in nature and is mainly used to protect the cells from direct exposure to dust and moisture.

On top of the EVA, either toughened glass or crane glass is put. On the back side a layer of TEDLAR is put whose main function is to protect the cells from any kind of exposure or scratches.

Solar Panel Framing Machine


For completing final assembly, which includes edge trimming at the Trimming station, installing edge gasket and frame with the Frame Assembly and attaching a junction box at the junction box station.

EL Tester


This machine detects the micro cracks in the prepared solar module. This device can recognize in real time cell breakage, surface cracks and fissures of a few tenths of a millimetre.

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