The world's largest photovoltaic power station is completed!

Nov 29, 2023

Recently, the world's largest single solar energy power plant project, the El Daffra PV2 solar power plant contracted by SINOMACH, was fully completed.

The Al Dhafra PV2 solar power station project in the United Arab Emirates, located in Abu Dhabi, is currently one of the largest single photovoltaic power stations in the world. It is also a landmark EPC project in the field of green energy under my country's "One Belt, One Road" initiative.

The project covers an area of 20 square kilometers and has an installed capacity of 2.1 GW. It adopts the world's advanced photovoltaic power generation technology and is equipped with nearly 4 million solar panels, 300,000 pile foundations, 30,000 sets of solar tracking brackets, more than 2,000 cleaning robots, 8,000 With 3 string on grid inverters, 180 box-type transformers and more than 15,000 kilometers of cables, the power station performance and power generation efficiency are world-leading. As of mid-November 2023, the project has contributed a total of 3.6 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity to the UAE.

After completion and operation, the power station can provide electricity for 200,000 residents, helping Abu Dhabi reduce carbon emissions by 2.4 million tons every year, increasing the proportion of clean energy in the UAE's total energy structure to more than 13%, and providing support for the sustainable development of the UAE's national energy economy. Contribute.

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