The largest user-side distributed energy storage project in Central China is connected to the grid!

May 10, 2024


Recently, the largest user-side distributed energy storage project in central China was successfully connected to the grid at Huaqiang Chemical Company. The project is located in the Huaqiangqiang Factory Area in Yichang, Hubei Province, with an installed capacity of 18.975MW/37.84MWh. It is the largest user-side distributed energy storage project in central China so far.

It is understood that the project uses distributed energy storage system liquid refrigerator products provided by Guoxia Technology, including 101 372kWh liquid-cooled outdoor cabinets, 11 control confluence cabinets, 6 sets of 3.45MW inverter and booster all in one container ess storage system, and 1 set of 35KV booster station. and 1 set of EMS energy management system.

The project implements a combined strategy of "peak shaving and valley filling + demand control + demand response", and usually adopts a revenue model of "charging in the valley and flat sections, discharging in peak and peak sections, two charging and two discharging" to increase project income while solving the problem of power grid regulation. Peak problem. The project will also provide functional support such as frequency and peak regulation for the Yichang regional power grid, and provide advanced technical support for the demonstration application of green energy power plants.

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