The largest new energy storage power station in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is put into operation!

Jan 16, 2024


Recently, China Southern Grid Energy Storage Company’s Foshan Baotang grid-side independent battery energy storage station (hereinafter referred to as the Baotang Energy Storage Station) was put into operation in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Baotang Energy Storage Station is the largest new energy storage power station in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is also the largest grid-side independent energy storage power station built at one time in my country. It is the first time in my country to realize the "one stop" of multiple lithium battery energy storage technology routes. "Integration" will effectively enhance the technological leanness level of the new energy storage industry.


Baotang Energy Storage Station covers an area of 58 acres, which is equivalent to the size of 5 and a half standard football fields, with an installed capacity of 300 MW/600 MWh (that is, the maximum operating power of the power station is 300 MW, and can be fully charged or discharged 600,000 MW at a time kilowatt hours), accounting for 1/5 of the total new energy storage installed capacity in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. According to the calculation of "two charges and two discharges", this new "urban power bank" can deliver 1.2 million kilowatt hours of green electricity per day.


Energy storage power stations are an important technology and basic equipment for building a new power system, and an important support for achieving the "double carbon" goal. When the energy storage power station is running, it realizes "accurate" charging, storage and release of electric energy in the energy storage system, and responds to the power system's adjustment needs at the "millisecond level". When electricity consumption is low, energy storage power stations use clean energy such as wind energy and solar energy to "charge". During peak times of electricity consumption, the stored green electricity will be stably and reliably delivered to thousands of households.


“New energy storage has the advantages of fast response, flexible layout, and short construction period. It can accurately match the load needs of the power grid, maximize its regulatory value to the power system, and help unstable and volatile clean energy to be connected on a large scale and at a high proportion. Integrated into the power grid." introduced the person in charge of China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Technology Company.


China Southern Grid Energy Storage Company will launch the Baotang Energy Storage Station project at the end of 2022, planning and constructing it as a lithium battery energy storage station with multiple technical routes. In addition to providing regulation services to the power grid, it can also play a role in the technological development of the energy storage industry. enhancement.


It is understood that the five battery supply companies of Baotang Energy Storage Station are all the “leading companies” in domestic lithium iron phosphate battery production. Through the "one-stop integration" of the best products of multiple battery companies, the power station will "promote comparison through use" and promote the continuous improvement of my country's lithium battery manufacturing quality.


“We focus on the three main technical areas of lithium batteries: thermal management, structural connection, and battery performance, and combine different technical methods to form 9 technical routes. The installed capacity of each route ranges from 5 MW to 75 MW, which is equivalent to Nine medium-sized energy storage stations with different technical characteristics are brought together to form a 'big arena' for comparison of technical performance." said the person in charge of China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Technology Company.

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