Benefits of installing photovoltaic power storage stations in landfills

Apr 08, 2024


According to research, the land in the early stages of landfill closure is most suitable for building solar photovoltaic power plants.


The sites of landfills are often concentrated in the suburbs, with sufficient sunlight and a large area. The lifespan of a solar energy storage station is generally about 25 years. During the operation of the power station, it is not affected by landfill gas and requires only a small amount of maintenance on the solar panel brackets and The foundation can adapt to the subsidence of the site surface. After the life of the power station is over, it can be removed as a whole to restore the land to its natural state.


For the same reason, in order to effectively use the generated green electricity, the model of installing "photovoltaic + energy storage" power stations in these areas emerged.


1. Relieve the pressure on the power grid

Garbage dumps are usually located in suburban areas where power demand is low. Building optical storage facilities here is of great value and can relieve pressure on the power grid and provide backup power for areas with high power demand.


The above-mentioned Hangzhou Tianziling landfill integrated light and storage project is expected to have a total power generation of 33.03 million kWh during the 20-year operation period, with an average annual power generation of 1.65 million kWh, which is equivalent to an average annual carbon dioxide emission reduction of 1,141 tons. The model will be adopted for self-use and surplus electricity to be connected to the grid. While earning profits for enterprises, it can also provide green power for ecological restoration in the area.


2. Increase revenue

At the same time as the performance warning, the businesses of these companies also experienced contraction. Domestic large and medium-sized cities are generally promoting "zero landfill" of primary domestic waste, and the common choice is to use incineration instead of landfill. This means that companies urgently need to expand their business areas.


The installation of photovoltaic and energy storage power stations will bring new ideas to such enterprises to generate income and support buffered growth.


3. Achieve the goals of harmless treatment of solid waste and green power generation

Garbage disposal has always been an important cornerstone and important way for my country to achieve the goals of "waste-free city" and "double carbon". After installing photovoltaics, the landfill can achieve the goals of harmless treatment of solid waste and green power generation at the same time, which has important demonstration significance for establishing a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.


4. Establish a “low-carbon city” circular economy demonstration image

The construction of photovoltaic projects and the installation of energy storage power stations in the garbage dump can form a circular economy demonstration image of efficient integration of local resources, rational layout, and innovative treatment of urban solid waste. Contribute to the local construction of "low-carbon cities" and the realization of "dual carbon" goals.

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